After the public exhibition of fresh proposals for the southern sites of ‘Caltongate’ the developer Artisan REI has recently submiited a full planning application. Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust (EOTDT) submits the following comments on these planning applications.                                                                                                       

EOTDT is pleased to see that improvements have been made to the proposals submitted by Mountgrange.  However, the Trust stands by its earlier comments made following the public consultation exercise in March 2013. Whilst welcoming the retention of the Canongate Venture, at that time EOTDT expressed its disappointment on a number of issues.

These concerns have not be allayed by the current detailed application and relate to the proposed uses, the position of the affordable housing, the lack of provision for community and cultural activities, the vehicular movement and access arrangements, and the lack of any real architectural quality in proposals for a key site within the Edinburgh World Heritage area.

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