Welcome to our new web site, particularly if this is the first time you have visited the site. Try the menu on the top bar to find out what you can find here, and bookmark www.eotdt.org for future easy access later. ABOUT US provides full background information about the Trust including full copies of all our main documentation, details of the Old Town area, the background to the formation of the Trust and details of current Board members (including photos!).

NEWS will carry latest news about events and developments of concern to the Trust and the different strands of its work. VIEWS is the place to go to read points of views about the issues the Trust is dealing with in the Old Town, both from the Old Town specifically and from other related places and areas of interest.

EVENTS gives details of up and coming events organised by the Trust or in which the Trust is involved.

PROJECTS carries information about the current main projects which the Trust is either running or in the process of developing.

Still in progress, IN THE COMMUNITY will cover news and events from people, places and businesses around the Old Town.

If you’d like to be a Scout or a Chief Reporter for this page, we’d like to hear from you.