A very successful open forum meeting was held on March 22nd 2010. Many people came along with some great ideas which have already led to the creation of some new and exciting food projects.

·       Wendy Heberd gave an illuminating overview of what is available now, with photos from all round the Old Town.

·       Gavin Corbett explained some of things that have been achieved already by Shandon Local Food Group.

·       People enjoyed some bought locally refreshments. Highlights included some Scottish cheeses and some excellent breads and flapjacks.

·       There was then a workshop session where people split into small groups, brainstormed possibilities, and discussed which possible projects should be priorities for taking forwards.

The next Food meeting will be held towards the end of April. Exact date and venue to be confirmed. This meeting will look at priorities and how we can most effectively take some of the food projects forward.