GPAmongst the usual dross of fliers and free sheets to be found in the libraries, shops, and cafes of Edinburgh (mostly its Old Town and South Side) your eye might have been caught recently by an unusual and unusually interesting publication. It’s a full colour tabloid-size newspaper, but instead of a screaming headline and sensationalist story the cover is taken up by a photograph of a nattily dressed old man standing beside a litter bin.

Inside we find out that this is George Pitcher, Community Activist: his portrait is part of ‘Southsiders: portrait of a community’, a project commissioned from photographer Peter Dibdin by the Causey Development Trust.

The project involved capturing the portraits and stories of 32 people who live, work or have a specific connection to Edinburgh’s Southside. Each page of the newspaper is devoted to one person- ranging from Kevin Gill, Gravedigger, to Rosie Cunningham, Flamenco Dancer.

The portraits are framed by short essays and poems about the Southside. The publication and associated website where the stories can also be listened to, although only revealing the barest skeleton of the community, gives that community life, and exposes the nature of a community, when you begin to see it in terms of individual lives and the web of living and working that, in an ideal community, should connect us all.

Find out more about ‘Southsiders: portrait of a community’, see the people and listen to their stories here. Find out more about the Causey Development Trust here. Or go hunting round your community for your own copy of this enriching publication, meeting more Southsiders as you go.