The Care and Conservation of Shared Georgian Gardens by John Byrom is a much-awaited manual providing detailed guidance on the long term management and maintenance of Edinburgh’s 47 circus, square, crescent and informal grid-edge gardens which form a major component of Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town and the City’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Intended specifically for garden management committees, the book has a wider purpose to inform an interested public and academic readership beyond Edinburgh on a subject hitherto unpublished.

The manual is in four parts:

Part 1:  introduces its garden subjects, their family generic likeness and their preferred state within the Georgian aesthetic of the Picturesque

Part 2:  provides detailed generic guidance on the forms and character of garden components (woodland, shrubbery, lawns, borders and artefacts), each in their preferred state and as part of a hypothetical garden named ‘Regent Square Garden’

Part 3:  considers the relative biodiversity of Regent Square Garden according to increasing intensities of use within the preferred state, and levels of management to improve the biodiversity of the overall breviary

Part 4:  applies the details of Parts 2 and 3 to the cyclical generic management of Regent Square Garden over a period of 100 years

John Byrom is a landscape architect and former Director of the Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. In the 1960s, John was commissioned to appraise the condition of Edinburgh’s New Town Gardens by the Civic Trust was part of the survey hich led to the creation of the Edinburgh New Town Conservation Committee. The work also became the basis of his late wife, Connie Byrom’s book The Edinburgh New Town Gardens (Birlinn, 1995). 

John Byrom was subsequently commissioned by Edinburgh World Heritage Trust to produce a handbook in response to a perceived need for professional advice on their appropriate maintenance and replanting of the New Town gardens. The project was overseen by a steering group chaired by Professor David Ingram, former Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

The book’s publication in 2017 is a contribution to marking the 250th anniversary of the founding of Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town.

Published in association with Edinburgh World Heritage Trust.

Publication Date: February 2018

This publication is supported by The Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust and Edinburgh Decorative and Fine Art Society

Price: £25 (hardback) ISBN:   978-0-9930544-3-3      Extent: 200pages with 60 colour plates and line drawings


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