The Evergreen Volume 2

Could they be right, those who tell us that Edinburgh is in danger of losing its character? Some of our members say that the city, particularly the Old Town, has lost it already.

Perhaps this is what The Herald reviewer of Volume 1 of The Evergreen had in mind when he suggested that “Edinburgh, like so many other destinations on the tourist trail, is a city in search of a soul.”  (Link to this and other reviews, below).

Whatever the truth of this claim, The Evergreen has joined in the search for the distinctive  make-up of the Old Town, the vision that fits the city we find ourselves living in today. The search starts here but will have much wider relevance, to other places, ‘other destinations’.

Volume 2 of The Evergreen is themed around Work, the Making of the City.  Economic activity – how people earn their living – is the dominant factor in making a place what it is, in forming its character, in shaping its values.

But how does the drive for endless economic growth affect the places we call home?

In pictures, fiction, poetry and essays, the next issue will explore what we do, and how that shapes the city and our lives.

We are now open for submissions until 30 April 2015.

See the submission guidelines here.

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