‘The reunion of democracy with culture’

Call for Submissions

The Evergreen is a high quality creative and documentary anthology harking back to the Evergreens published by Allan Ramsay and Patrick Geddes. Poetry, fiction, essays on the built environment, social, political, scientific and cutural issues will be presented in four volumes of The Evergreen over two years.

Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust and its Word Bank project recognise the part literature and literary tradition play in shaping our communities, both local and national. Like Geddes, the Trust sees urban regeneration going hand in hand with cultural renewal - art creates our sense of the city, and what it means to live in it.

To be published in August 2015, Volume 2 of The Evergreen will include commissioned and submitted fiction, poetry, nonfiction, painting, drawing and photography, primarily, but not exclusively, on the theme of Work, the Making of the City.

Before long... we shall... apply our constructive skill towards the public conservation instead of the private dissipation of resources, and towards the evolution instead of the deterioration of the lives of others.  - Patrick Geddes 'Cities in Evolution' (1915)

Guidelines for Submissions  

    Fiction - up to 3000 words

    Poetry - up to 1000 words

    Visual art - up to 12 pieces

    Deadline: 30 April 2015

All submissions must be unpublished and will be accepted by by post or email.

Payment, where it applies, will be discussed on commission or acceptance of submissions.


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