The Evergreen: A New Season in the North, Volume 3

The Evergreen, a unique anthology in 4 volumes from Edinburgh's Old Town, revisits a 400-year old tradition that sparked the Evergreen anthologies of Allan Ramsay and Patrick Geddes, inspiring a civic and cultural revival within Edinburgh and beyond. After 120 years, it's back.


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Behind the Scenery: the Folk of the Edinburgh Old Town

The latest volume of The Evergreen teems with Old Town community life, past and present, in illustration, poetry, conversation and story: the assorted portraits of street characters from Ned Holt's portfolio; James Connolly and Patrick Geddes as 'good neighbours' in Dublin and Edinburgh; St Columba as inspiration on Lawnmarket of all places; a thriving housing cooperative 40 years on; community arts bestowing light on Craigmillar, and wine its distinctive pleasures in the Southside; along with illustrated conversations with current residents, and street scenes that bridge the present with the re-imagined past.

It's not all local. Farflung places feature in poetry and fiction: Australia, Italy, U.S.A. and Glasgow.

Add in essays on Surveillance, The Meadows, and visions of a city afloat; consider this, what if the city were an ocean and its buildings ships?



Introduction - Sean Bradley

What if the City Were an Ocean and Its Buildings Ships? - Tim Ingold

From Here to Everywhere Else - Alison Flett

That’s Amore - Marianna Silvano

Behind the Scenery - Astrid Jaekel  

Patrick Geddes and a Statue of St Columba - Alan Harding

The World of Ned Holt - Donald Campbell

The Lister Housing Co-operative Banners - Mary Quinn

Knitting a Tenement/Common Ground - Jennie Renton

Coming to Terms With Nature - Lee Randall

Postcards From Dublin - Sean Bradley

Picnic - A.Jak

Untitled Poem - Patrick Geddes

Where Do I End - Nik Williams

Come Into the Light - Derek Rodger

Folk of the Old Town- Lucy Roscoe

Notes From a Wine Cellar - Michael Romer

Armless Clock/The Cemetery - Youssef Al-Khatib

Notes from a Marche Village - David Tomassini

Grand Canyon - Mary Hong


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