Events for the Autumn 2014 Season of The Word Bank

All of the following events are FREE to attend.  Follow the relevant link to find out more, and where each event will take place.

6.30 PM, THURSDAY 13 NOVEMBERPoetry of Place and No Place

Come and hear the contrasting poetic perspectives of De Luca and Herd on the subject of place and no-place in poetry.

12.30PM, FRIDAY 14 NOVEMBER - The View from Dover

The View from Dover is the first of a series of talks and essays by David Herd that take their bearings from the site of The Citadel on Dover’s Western Heights.

2 PM, SUNDAY 16 NOVEMBER - The Evergreen Writers at Main Point Books

Readings and lively discussion with Peter Kravitz, Ian McDonagh, Todd McEwen, Mario Relich, Mike Saunders, Morelle Smith and Nancy Somerville.

7PM, TUESDAY 18TH NOVEMBER - Scotland: An Atlas of Productivity

An introduction by Graham Hogg of Lateral North.  An Atlas of Productivity is the first dedicated atlas of Scotland since the 19th century.  It maps not just Scotland’s landscapes and towns and cities, but seeks to map many of the aspects of national productivity, featuring everything from Scotland’s land ownership and its wind speeds to its transport links and its relationship to the emerging Arctic trading routes.